Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Poppies and Polka Dots

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In a few short weeks, my mum and I will be heading off on what will be my fourth ever trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. Both of us love the resort - the hotels and parks are all glorious - and both of us are just general Disney-lovers. My mum came across an Etsy shop called Mickey Waffles (x), where they sell adorable and beautiful bows for your hair inspired by the characters and the Disney parks. We fell in love.

Unfortunately, Mickey Waffles is a US-based shop, and we only found out about them three weeks before our trip. The items we order would be ready for delivery within 4-5 weeks, and I know from experience that delivery from America can take a long time. As lovely as the bows from Mickey Waffles are, we simply don't have time to order any.

However, we weren't giving up on having some hair bows for our trip, oh no!

So, as any crafty being would do, we (I) decided to make our (my) own. I wanted to take inspiration for them from the ones on Mickey Waffles. We're staying at the Wilderness Lodge Hotel and on the site, there was a bow inspired by it and I loved it!
The design on Mickey Waffles features a ribbon with moose on it. For some reason, when I searched for moose ribbon, I either came up with diddly squat or it was ridiculously expensive (or another American company with two months of delivery haha).

I was losing all hope, until my mum told me that she'd found a site and gone ahead and bought some moose ribbon that didn't break the bank. The shop is UK-based, so delivery was quick for us, and the ribbon was just what I need. Needless to say, I was thrilled.

On their site, they have oodles of lovely bits and pieces for all your crafting needs. There are fabrics and fabric bundles (my guilty pleasure in two words), trims and ribbons, and beautiful little adornments and accessories for your projects and workspace. Oh, I'm getting giddy.

Their products are all lovely. All of them. No joke. Delivery was quick. Even the packaging was beautiful. And the cherry on top of this magnificent crafting cake was that there was even a lovely handwritten letter inside with my mum's order, personalised to the items she'd chosen.

"But Hannah," I hear you cry. "What is this miraculously wonderful store?"

Answer: Poppies and Polka Dots.

Find them here: (x). Follow their Twitter here: (x). Follow their (rather beautiful*) Instagram here: (x).

*No, but seriously, even if you don't have Instagram, I want you to click that little 'x' and just bask in the glory of it all.

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