Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Makeover Essentials

Today I was out with my friend when we were approached by a young woman at a small booth set up in the corner of a WHSmith store. She had me hooked straight away with the line, "Do you girls like makeup?" Why, yes. Yes I do. She showed us a bag full to the brim of makeup goodies, and I suspect that I started to drool a bit.

After a reasonably quick and impressive sales pitch, I was ready to part with some money. The products looked good and it seemed as though I was getting a bargain.

When I got home and showed my mum the products I'd managed to pick up, she suggested that I google the company to find out how much these products normally sell for, to see just how much of a bargain I had really bagged myself.

I was surprised to see reviews marking the company, and the deal I thought I'd got, as a scam.

They said the products had rubbish pigmentation and weren't at all comparable to the High End brand names that were thrown into the sales pitch. They said the products just looked and felt generally cheap. They said that they had wasted their money. They said the sales pitch was a lie.

Of course, I was upset. I don't like to be lied to and I don't like to be deceived.

However, I decided I'd try out my purchases anyway and was pleasantly surprised.

Firstly, as I had been shown in the sales pitch, the packaging is cool. I know, I know, don't judge a book by its cover (or in this case a makeup product on its snazzy packaging), but there are bits that pop out and bits that lift up and bits that hide and it's just all very exciting. So the products are fun to play with. Always a plus.

Second, I don't know what people are talking about with the rubbish pigmentation. As I will show you in pictures at the end of this review, just one layer of eyeshadow came out pretty nice in my opinion! And the lipstick I tried out was very bright and not sticky at all.

Finally, the eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara that I tried out all have very nice consistencies. The eyeshadow goes on smoothly and blends nicely, the lipstick feels creamy and not sticky at all, and the mascara leaves no clumps or 'spider lashes' in its wake.

Despite this, I would not pay the prices listed on their website for any of it. Maybe I'm just cheap, who knows? I own High Street products for less than a quarter of the price that do the exact same thing.

So while I don't feel that I wasted the £30 I spent, for the amount of products I received, I can't say I feel cheated. The products get the job done and that's what you need. I suspect that, for the same amount of money, you could probably buy High Street products that add up to the same amount as what I received.

I have taken some pictures to show you what I got, and also what the three products I quickly tried out look like on me. The only reason I tried so few is because I got mostly eyeshadows, and there's only so much room on my eyelids!

1) A palette containing six eyeshadows, two powders, a blusher, three lipsticks, three brushes, a lip liner, a mascara, an eyeliner and a little poofy thing I have no idea how to use. Snazzy packaging. Big mirror. Relatively compact so good for travelling.

2) A little booklet (which the young lady selling to me said I probably didn't need after she looked at the makeup I'd done for the day - I was pretty chuffed) containing tips and tricks for applying your makeup to enhance your natural beauty.

3) A little compact palette containing five eyeshadows and two brushes. Big mirror. Very small. Again, it's good for travelling.

4) This was sold to me as a highlighter, but I am incredibly pale and it's more like a glitter fest bronzer. It's not ideal for me, but I'm sure I'll find some use for it. I have never seen anything like this product before, since the product is deposited right into the brush. The brush itself is not particularly soft, although the one used in the sales pitch was - maybe it softens with use?

5) A palette containing: five eyeshadows, five lipglosses, a powder and blusher with two shades each and two brushes. Another big mirror. This is the biggest of the palettes I got, but it does have a lot in it. Everything in the palette (all the eyeshadows and stuff) can be popped out and swapped around, which I think is pretty cool. More fun packaging - yay! Also, the eyshadow bit can be pulled out and away from the lip glosses in case you just want an eyeshadow palette to carry around with you.

6) Here are three of the products on me. I used an eyeshadow, the mascara, and some lipstick. The picture doesn't do the pigmentation justice. The colours came out well and the products went on nicely.

So, while the products didn't blow me away, the sheer amount of product I received for £30 doesn't make me feel hard done by. I suspect that the products will certainly be put to good use!

[Also, I don't particularly recommend buying products off the street (unless you're at a market of course because that's the point). Go to a store or a website that you trust. The only reason I got this is because the booth was set up inside I store I did trust. There's some really rubbish stuff out there you don't need on your face.]

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