Sunday, 19 April 2015

Instagram: Trip to London

Last weekend I went to London with my mum and my aunt, and while it wasn't my first time there, it was my first time there with a smartphone, and my Instagram was frequently updated with what we were up to!

I took this in Euston station, straight after our arrival by train.

The view from our hotel was great - we were on the top floor, so the view of Russel Square was excellent!

On the first day, after getting settled in our hotel, we visited Covent Garden. I love it because of all the interesting shops and of course the lovely crafty bits!

The first evening, we went to see Les Mis. It was brilliant, but we all cried a lot! I'd definitely recommend it, since it is now my second favourite musical after Phantom of the Opera.

On the morning of the second day, it was raining (which could only be expected), but it cleared up while we were eating breakfast.

We visited Trafalgar Square and the National Gallery to see a special exhibition of impressionist artists. While the exhibition itself was lovely, all three of us agreed that it was a tad overcrowded - particularly for a ticketed event.

In Trafalgar Square, there was a new statue on top of the often empty podium. It's called 'Gift Horse'.

That afternoon, we paid a visit to Chinatown.

This little guy was on one of the walls just before Chinatown. While I had no clue what it was there for, I decided to photograph it anyway!

We stumbled across a fantastic shoe shop, and the prices were surprisingly low considering the eclectic designs!

That afternoon we also visited Liberty, and I absolutely loved it!

Above this lovely fireplace was a display of paper flowers which were just stunning, but I was fascinated by the painted tiles!

I spent a fair bit of money in the haberdashery section. Oops. This was taken back at the hotel, after we got back from seeing the musical Cats, which was also great!

Finally, on the morning of our last day, we went to the British Museum before we had to go to get the train back up north!

Have you been to London? What did you enjoy the most?

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  1. I want to see Les Mis so bad! Sounds amazing x

    1. It was absolutely fantastic! Definitely a must see! x