Saturday, 14 February 2015

How Much is My Face Worth?

I read a post over on Keep Dreaming entitled 'Updated How Much Is My Face Worth' and found it pretty interesting. Some of us do spend quite a bit on our daily makeup! I thought I'd do my own, writing little reviews about each of the products I use on a near-daily basis.

Primer (£12)
'Matte It' - The Body Shop
This primer really manages to smooth out my skin and just get it ready for the foundation and everything else. I find that my makeup stays on much better as well as goes on better, so this primer is a win for me!

Foundation (£6.99)
'Match Perfection' - Rimmel
As I  have very pale skin, it's often incredibly difficult for me to find foundation in the right shade for my skin. This one is as close as I've found! 'Match Perfection' is spoken about a lot, and for good reason. It sits well on the skin and blends relatively easily. Occasionally when I wear it for a while, lines appear in creases in my face which is not ideal, but at a fairly low price I can't complain!

Concealer (£4.49)
'Stay Time' - Seventeen
I was in need of new concealer but couldn't find my usual one in the right shade. My mum pointed out this, and I managed to find the right shade for my skin quickly! This concealer blends easily and does not look cakey, despite it being it full coverage.

Powder (£3.99)
'Stay Matte' - Rimmel
This powder sets my foundation and concealer beautifully, leaving my skin with a nice soft-looking appearance. It's banishes any grease on my nose as well which I appreciate - everywhere else on my face is fine but for some reason my nose just gets really greasy and shiny!

Blusher (£12)

'Baked-to-Last' (in coral) - The Body Shop
The colour of this blusher is really pigmented, so a little really goes a long way! I feel that it gives my cheeks a pretty shade of pink, with just a hint of shimmer.

Highlighter (£14)
'Brush on Radiance' - The Body Shop
While some people hate having any idea of a shimmer on their faces, I personally love it. Using this lovely shimmery highlighter just makes me feel special, as the glittery bits catch the light beautifully. If you're not afraid of a bit of shimmer, this one's definitely a win!

Eyeliner (£2.99)
'Kohl' - Barry M
I use pencil eyeliners and kohl pencils on my lower waterline to define and outline my eyes. This one goes on easily and stays put for hours. Not bad for such a low price!

Eyeshadow (£6.49)

'Natural Glow' - Barry M
I was in need of a neutral eyeshadow palette for quite some time, and was so excited when I found this! The colours are really beautiful and pigmented, and are easy to blend together.

Mascara (£6.99)
'The Colossal'/'Go Extreme' - Maybelline
This. Mascara. Is. Incredible. I love having big lashes, and this definitely gives me them! They look long and full of volume with this, so it's quickly become my favourite mascara! One thing I will say is that the brush is so huge that it can be difficult to control, but as that's probably why it makes my lashes so huge, I probably shouldn't complain.

Eyebrow Pencil (£2.99)
'Master Shape' - Maybelline
I was always terrified of doing my eyebrows, but after a bit of practice with this, I'm fine. It never gives the most even of textures, but with the little brush at the end, any bumps or clumps can quickly be fixed.

Lipstick (£8)
'Ultra Colour Absolute' (in 'Pout') - Avon
This is quickly becoming my go-to nude lipstick. The colour is just right, not too beige and not too pink.

Total = £80.93

As you can see, the majority of the products that I use are from drugstore brands, so the price isn't as high as some other people's! I don't think it matters how much money you spend on makeup - if you can only afford drugstore brands, go for it! If you prefer high-end brands, go for it! And if you don't want to buy any makeup, then don't bother! The idea of the 'How Much is my Face Worth' post really interested me - I'm nosy so I'm enjoying looking at how much people spend on their daily makeup!

If you want to do a post like this one, please link it in the comments! How do you feel about how much money people spend on makeup? Is it stupid or worth it for the confidence it gives people?

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  1. Found your blog recently and I’d like to say that I’m in love with it!
    Interesting posts and beautiful photos!
    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!)

    Diana Cloudlet

    1. Thank you darling! And thank you for reading!

  2. I like the idea of this post! It's a different way to talk about your everyday makeup, and i'm quite nosy too so I love knowing how much things cost, makes me think about whether or not I think it's worth trying! I don't think i've ever tried any of the products you've used here, so it's definitely made me think about having a look around! I've written a daily makeup post for next week and I might go back through it and put some of the prices in, as I really liked reading yours!

    Love Amylou x

    1. Yeah when I saw the one on Keep Dreaming I thought it was a really cool idea :) I'm the same with having a nosy at everyone else's makeup! I would definitely recommend them all for makeup on a budget but I haven't really tried many high end products so I don't know how they compare! I'll check that out, but it's scary doing the maths for your everyday makeup! x

  3. Oh the primer and blusher sound so great, I will have to look out for them. I'm the exact same when it comes to foundation because I'm as pale as a ghost the shades are so hard to find haha :') Great seeing what you use everyday lovely, enjoyed reading it! x

    Jordan | Keep Dreaming ♥

    1. Haha they are definitely lovely products :) I've been considering getting white foundation and mixing it in to normal ones! Thank you - and thank you for the inspiration!