Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Month into 5:2

My mum and I decided to make a change this year. Together, we're doing the 5:2 diet. This involves eating normally for five days out of the week but only consuming 500-600 calories on the other two.
So far, it hasn't been too bad.

I expected to get extremely hungry on those two days, but I'm pleased to say that any hunger is quite manageable. I drink more water on fast days and therefore feel fuller and actually more awake, as I don't drink anywhere near as much on other days and as such am often a bit dehydrated.

My mum's the one that works out the calories. Obviously, I'd be happy to do it, but as she's the one that buys food it's easier for her to work out what we're having on those days.

We tend to fast on a Sunday, as neither of us are out at school or work and therefore it's a bit easier for me. My mum says that it's more difficult for her because she's surrounded by food and therefore temptation, but as I sleep in 'til noon most weekends (oops) I'm okay!

We normally eat two small meals to get to our goal calories. The first fast day we did, however, we were planning a fairly calorific meal of Christmas leftovers. We didn't want to just put off the fast day, however, as we knew that if we did that then we'd just never start. That fast day was probably the hardest for me. I remember coming downstairs and asking mum if she wanted me to start making lunch and she told me we couldn't have any. I was gutted, because I was rather peckish, but I settled for water. I feel like that moment made me more grateful for my evening meal, though.

Since then, it hasn't been as hard. The water fills you up, as do the small meals (I'm beginning to really appreciate soup - low calories, really filling!), but fasting in school is hard. I haven't told my friends about this diet because I don't want all the "Oh, you don't need to diet, you're fine as you are"s because I'll just believe them and give up. Therefore, on school days I get offered crisps and bits of chocolate and biscuits and, as I love all of those things, it can be difficult to say no. It's important to remind yourself that you can have some tomorrow!

Obviously, it's only been a month, so I haven't lost much weight yet (5 pounds down, 51 to go!). However, I'm looking forward to continuing with 5:2 and seeing where it gets me!

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