Thursday, 8 January 2015

My Art GCSE Exam Sketchbook Begins!

Today I was finally given the brief for the final sketchbook I will produce as part of my Art GCSE. There are seven main titles for us to choose from, however I went for 'The Human Condition' because I love getting out my thoughts on things that people think and feel out onto paper. I'll be looking at the option 'People and Places' as part of this title.

I always love people watching. I love to see people and imagine their stories; how they got here, where they're going.Everyone loves a good tale of heartache and hardship ending in a happily ever after. I love to picture this for people. Yes, in the past or even now they may be insecure and hurt for whatever reason, in the future they may be able to see how beautiful they are inside and out and that thought leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy!

I'm thinking of doing people's stories in my next sketchbook. Specifically, I want to look at how people got to the places they are today. Not just physically, as in how they moved house or traveled the world, but also emotionally, as in how they overcame insecurities and hardships to become strong and beautiful people.

I know the kind of style of art I want to produce this time around, and I'm looking forward on embarking on my third and final project of this particular GCSE. :)

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