Friday, 9 January 2015

A Trip to Liverpool

To gather information and inspiration for the exam part of my Art GCSE, we went on a trip with our Art classes to visit the Williamson and Tate galleries. This offered us a broad idea of the work we could produce, as the Tate displays modern art and the Williamson is much more traditional. However, both were very interesting and we all had a good day! Here is a collection of photos I took while on the trip. I have not included many pictures of the work in either galleries just in case!


I had to squat over a heater to
get this shot, but I'm glad I
This was probably my favourite piece
in the gallery, and I quite like this
photo I took with my friend looking at it.
There were some really touching
notes in the feedback area.

This was taken on the way
to the Tate.

There were some really
lovely views out of the windows
in the Tate gallery.
A photo of my friend admiring the view.

We were just about to get back on the coach
when we saw this boat and took off running!

Overall it was a really good day, and I enjoyed having a look around both galleries. Personally, I preferred the Williamson gallery, as modern art does not seem to be my thing really.

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