Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Tour of my College Portfolio

I have applied to do an Art and Design course at college, and as part of the interview process, I'll need to present a portfolio of some of my work. The pieces I have chosen to put in the sketchbook for this are ones that I am especially proud of, and I thought if I was willing to show them off at interview then I might as well show them off here!

First up we have my 'Cats in the style of Millie Marotta', which you can read about in more detail in this blog post. This piece was sketched in pencil and then I went over the lines using a black fineliner.

Over the page, we have this bird inspired by the Passenger song 'Coins in a Fountain'. You can read about this piece in more detail in a blog post found here. I sketched this in pencil and filled in with watercolour before outlining in black fineliner.

Opposite this, we have this piece. The background was sketched in pencil before being filled in with white, grey, black and red coloured pencil and outlined in black fineliner. The girl was done separately using black and red fineliners. She is raised up from the background using sticky foam pads, and this is why she also overlaps the border.

I took this photograph of my friend for my art GCSE and decided to copy it using pencil and coloured pencils. The detail in the mask took ages to draw out!

I am interested in fashion/costume design, so when my friend mentioned taking part in a dance inspired by the four seasons, I couldn't help but draw up these little sketches! These are done using coloured pencils and outlined in black fineliners.

When I was quite young, I took this photo of some apple blossom, and decided to copy this one as well as the one of my friend for my art. I used coloured pencil for this piece.

I drew this locket based on one from the lyric booklet of Paramore's Brand New Eyes album. I have yet to print out a photo of this to stick in my portfolio, but the one shown above is the one I'll use! For this piece, I just used pencil.

I hope you enjoyed having a look at the work I've been producing for my portfolio! Thank you for reading!

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