Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Craftmas Day 9 - Decorating the House!

Finally, the decorations are up! Here's a sneaky peek at our home this Christmas:

We always have some angels dotted around, and these three were bought from a local garden centre last year.

I'm pretty sure this little blue angel was bought in a glass shop in France.

This tealight holder has been around for as long as I can remember!

This is my advent calendar, hanging on the kitchen door.

This is a picture advent calendar in the shape of a 3D house. Mum assembled this when we bought it from a garden centre earlier this year.

I made this stocking advent calendar for my mum. You can find a tutorial here.

I made this wreath which is hanging on the porch door. You can find a tutorial here.

Finally, we have our decorated tree! We have lots of decorations from holidays and just wherever we found them really, so this year we decided to just use those on the tree instead of lots of baubles and tinsel as well.

 Happy Craftmas!

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