Sunday, 7 December 2014

Craftmas Day 7 - Christmas Wreaths

For years, I've wanted to make my own wreath for the front door and I finally gave it a go!

An Oasis ring
Mossing pins
Foliage (holly and ivy look especially good!)
Decorations and added extras

1) Soak the Oasis ring in water. This will keep the plants alive, but remember to top it up every day or every other day to continue replenishing the water supply.

2) Begin to spread the moss around the wreath, keeping it in place using mossing pins (paper clips and craft wire will work just the same!) pushed into the foam.

3) Once the entire ring is covered in moss (don't forget the sides!), start poking in the foliage, ensuring that the stalk enters the Oasis ring so that it can get water.

4) Take a piece of ribbon and tie it around what will be the top of your wreath to hang it up with the ring doesn't already come with a hanger.

5) When you are satisfied with the amount of foliage on your wreath, you can begin to add the extra bits and pieces. I went with cinnamon, red and green baubles, bells and little ceramic mushrooms I found on mine, but of course you can use whatever you want on yours!

Happy Craftmas!

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