Saturday, 6 December 2014

Craftmas Day 6 - Thrifty Gift Tags

Every year, we display our Christmas cards around the house on mantelpieces, on top of dressers, on stands, hangers, you name it. And every year, when we're taking down all our decorations (sad face) my mum saves a few of the cards and cuts them up.

Brutal, I know.

But she selects the image or pattern she wants and stores it away for next year, when she can use it as a little gift tag on someone's presents.

Not only does this save you money (it's astounding how expensive a nice gift tag can be these days, and factor in the fact that you need like fifty...), but it's also a way of recycling the cards and saving any you've taken a bit of a liking to.

Just a thought!

Alternatively, adapt this tutorial with some Christmassy tissue paper and stickers, buttons or stamps to make your own from scratch!

Happy Craftmas!

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