Friday, 5 December 2014

Craftmas Day 5 - Handmade Christmas Garland Inspiration

As explained in an earlier post, I have lots to do schoolwise at the moment, so until the Christmas holidays I'm going to have to put off excessive crafting for a bit. However, that doesn't mean that I can't have a quick sneaky peak online at some inspiration, does it? Garlands look really festive, whether they're draped over a mantelshelf, wrapped around a banister or decorating a tree, so whatever your tastes I hope you can find something to have a go at here.

Relatively cheap to make, all you need is some foliage, glue and ribbon to create a stunning first impression for your guests!

All it takes is some burlap sacking and some thread to create a rouched string perfect for wrapping around a Christmas tree. Why not dye the sacking to make it fit in your scheme?

Some ribbon and some card. It's as easy as that. How cute is this garland, perfect to hang in front of fireplaces (not if it's lit though of course) or windows?

What's more festive than gingerbread men? Gingerbread men garlands, that's what. Leave a hole in each arm before popping them in the oven and as soon as they've cooled down you can decorate them and tie them together with ribbon. That's if you can wait that long before eating them, of course.

Happy Craftmas!

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