Thursday, 4 December 2014

Craftmas Day 4 - Handmade Christmas Card Inspiration

Unfortunately, I've got about six major deadlines and assessments coming up in the next few weeks before the end of term to focus on, so I won't be able to make all of my Christmas cards myself this year. However, I've been scouring Pinterest and found a few little ideas that are pretty cute, so here's some inspiration in case anyone out there was thinking of making their own cards this year! It's a great idea, because people really appreciate little things like this - it shows that you've taken time and care and thought.

I love this - the hexagon shape is something really different, and adding your own little details make them that much more personal!

Some card and string goes a long way to make this adorable Christmas card with a touching slogan.

A striking and different design here, and the little shapes could be made from either card or fabric if you wanted to!

This design is so sweet, with the wreath and the little bird. :3

An adorable idea, and one that could be used to use up leftover buttons you've yet to find a purpose for?
If you're planning on making your own Christmas cards, I hope you can find some inspiration here!

Happy Craftmas!

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