Friday, 19 December 2014

Craftmas Day 19: My go-to Presents for Hard-to-Shop-For People

We all have that one friend who either has everything or you just have no idea what to get them. Here are suggestions of presents that I tend to bring out when I'm lost for inspiration.

For a Crafty Friend
You can never have enough beads, buttons, fabrics, felts, ribbons, threads, wool...
Why not provide your friend a box full of all the supplies they could possibly want for next year's craft projects? Or, if you know of a craft they might enjoy, you could get them a kit? The Decopatch Place's kits are fairly cheap and provide a beginner with everything they need to get into Decopatch!

For a Chocoholic
So your friend is a self-confirmed chocolate addict. What better present to get them than chocolate? With a little bit of searching, it's easy to find a nice mug somewhere that you can stuff with chocolate bars, hot chocolate sachets and marshmallows, so they're all stocked up for winter!

For a Lush Addict
It's pretty difficult to go into Lush and come out empty-handed, but I can think of a few people who can go into Lush and have to have a small lorry to help them get their purchases home! Some of the Lush gift boxes, although fairly expensive, are a great place to turn. Alternatively, if you know your friend's favourite bath bombs and soaps, why not find a nice basket or something (the Lush 'fizz tank', anyone?) and fill it with the things they love? You know that they'll enjoy it and it's one more present ticked off your list.
As well as this, you could try making some bath bombs or soap for them yourself. They'll appreciate the effort you put in and you'll acquire a new skill while you're at it!

For an Organised Friend
Everyone knows a person who (at least aspires to) always carry a notebook or diary in their bag, ready to jot down anything important. They're the ones with the spare hoodies to give to friends who didn't realise the weather would turn halfway through the day, the friend with the umbrella that everyone wants to share, the friend with the multitude of pens in every colour, ready to offer to anyone and everyone who might need one.
"You can never have too many notebooks" is their motto, and you can use that to your advantage. Go out searching for a gorgeous notebook and some cute and different stationary. You could even find a sweet little pencil case and pack it with everything they'll ever need.

'Lucky dip'
Sometimes, there are quite a few people you don't know what to get. You could go out and find some nice keyrings, jewellery and chocolate and get them into little bundles before wrapping them in some nice tissue or wrapping paper. Get them all in a bag and go round getting the people to do a lucky dip and see which bundle they get! This takes away the pressure of finding the perfect present for someone you suddenly realise you know nothing about other than their name, birthday and that you enjoy their company!

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