Thursday, 18 December 2014

Craftmas Day 18: Presents Wrapped and Ready to Go!

Finally, I think I'm pretty much done with wrapping. Here's a little look at a small pile of pressies!

I used the wrapping paper I printed (post on that here). I think it turned out pretty well - it's certainly really sweet and personal in my opinion! 

Plain adhesive labels can be given a personal touch with a handwritten note and drawn-on holly! 

This ribbon is by a company called East of India, and I found it in a local garden centre. A little bit of ribbon never goes amiss - it adds a touch of luxury to any gift! 

I made this stocking for my mum last year - it was one of the first sewing projects I ever completed. Unfortunately, it's not a brilliant foot shape (oops!) but it can certainly hold a lot and that's what matters! The fabric was found in a local fabric shop, but I'm sure similar pieces are easy to find. 

This is a bit of a hipster-y shot,
I know, but I couldn't resist!

Happy Craftmas!

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