Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Craftmas Day 17: A Patchwork Christmas Card

A handmade Christmas card is always appreciated. Here's how I made mine for my mum this Christmas.

-A4 piece of card
-A4 piece of paper
-Craft knife and cutting board (scissors would work but would be much more difficult)
-Christmassy fabric
-Fabric scissors
-Needle and thread (or sewing machine if you would prefer)

1) Take the piece of card and fold it in half. Open it out.

2) Draw your design on the back of what will be the front of your card. For mine, I did a simple pattern of diamonds around a snowflake, but you can do whatever design you want. Just remember that you will be cutting it out using a craft knife, so don't make it too tricky!

3) Using a craft knife, cut out your pattern and pop out the bits of card you don't need.

4) Cut out little squares (mine ended up around 4cm by 4cm) from the fabric. Place two of the squares right sides together and sew up one side. Open these out and add another square. Go along each of the rows of squares you're using in the same way.

5) Iron the seams open. When you have done this, place two of the rows right sides together and sew along the edge. Open this out and do the same with the remaining rows of the patchwork.

6) Iron the seams open.

7) Taking the patchwork, glue along each side of the front of it and press this down firmly to the side of card which you drew your design on.

8) Conceal the back of the patchwork with the sheet of A4 paper.

9) The cut out bits of the design should show the patchwork beneath. All you need to do now is add any extra decorations you wish to and write a sweet message inside!

Happy Craftmas!

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