Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Craftmas Day 16: Christmas Nail Art

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This year, mum got me the Ciaté 'Mini Mani Manor' and honestly I love it. All year, I've been telling myself that I shouldn't buy any more nail varnishes because it was becoming a bit of a problem, and now here I am with 24 of them to reward me for my patience! Every day I look forward to opening up my little door to see what colour nail varnish or glitter I get, and I decided that it was time to try some of them out now that I am off school and away from any uniform codes!

Here is the finished look:
I started by using my Save The Nail 'Toughen Up' as a base coat. As a base colour, I used the Ciaté nail varnish 'Unrestricted Glam'. It is a black polish with lots of shine to it, and I used two coats to get the depth of colour that I wanted.

Thumb Nail and Pinky Finger:

For these two, I used the Ciaté Fairisle Style transfers which remind me of Christmas jumpers! These were first put on when my black polish was still wet, and then I did a layer of clear varnish over the top to make them really secure. Any bits of transfer that stick up over the top of the nail can easily be trimmed using scissors.

Index Finger:
For this one, I did a layer of clear polish and then sprinkled on some of the Ciaté glitter in 'Let It Snow!' Loose glitter can be tricky, but if you take your time and just do little bits at a time by gently tapping the bottle it is manageable.

Middle Finger:
(sorry for the gesture!)
Again, I used a layer of clear polish and then just dotted on the Ciaté sequins in 'Tinsel Trail'. This captures the light gorgeously, and is sealed in place with another clear coat.

Ring Finger:
For this one, I did the same method as on my pointer finger, using the Ciaté glitter in 'Slumber Party' as well.

I hope that this has been useful as inspiration to make even your fingernails glamorous this holiday season!

Have you done any Christmas nail art this year?

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