Monday, 15 December 2014

Craftmas Day 15: Appliqué Christmas Coasters

These coasters are fun and easy to make, and are a great way of using up scraps of fabric.

-Needle and thread

1) On a 10cm square piece of felt, mark out the shape of a snowflake and cut this out.

2) Place a piece of fabric of the same size underneath the piece of felt and sew around the outside of the snowflake, going through both the felt and the fabric to attach it. I used bright red, but you could also use the same colour as the felt to blend in the stitches.

3) Go around the outside of the square in thread as well, to really make sure that the fabric is attached. Tie knots at the back to keep the thread in place, and trim off the ends.

If you cut out the snowflake in one go then you can use the felt snowflake and sew that onto a 10cm piece of fabric to make a different kind of coaster!

Happy Craftmas!

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