Monday, 1 December 2014

Craftmas Day 1 - Hello December!

So it appears to be December already. In my head it is still March (then again, in my head I am also still twelve so time has stood still for me for about four years).

So what do I have coming up this month? Product design controlled assessment is due, Art controlled assessment is due, French writing assessment coming up, Biology ISA assessment to finish... And the big one: Christmas.

I love Christmas, with all the pretty lights and the boppy music and everyone feeling all happy and warm. And I love crafting, taking a bunch of materials and smushing them together into something wonderful. So why not combine the two?

I've got something planned for every day leading up to Christmas. We'll be making things, baking things, and talking about all the little things that get us all excited for Christmas.

Get the reindeer ready - Craftmas has arrived.

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