Sunday, 21 September 2014

Why I Love Autumn

I'm currently sat in my room 'doing homework' while wearing a beanie. The sun is shining outside, and I am messing up my hair with a woolen hat with a furry pompom on top. Why? Because I'm trying to make autumn come sooner. Autumn here will officially start in two days time, and to welcome it, I thought I'd share ten reasons why Autumn is hands-down my favourite season.

Shorter Days
I love evenings, when the light goes kind of orange and you can just curl up with a book or watch TV, knowing that in a few hours you'll go to bed and then there's a new day waiting for you tomorrow, and in autumn they come even sooner. I can be walking home with a sunset as my backdrop, and I can't even try to explain how happy that makes me.

The Atmosphere
There's something about autumn that's just so... autumn-y.
Everyone bundled up in their thick winter coats, your breath making little clouds in the air so you can pretend you're a dragon while no one's watching (don't pretend that's just me) and everything has this gorgeous orangey-red hue. You're lying if you say that autumn doesn't have a beautiful atmosphere.

Crunchy Leaves
I will go out of my way to step on a crunchy-looking leaf, and one of life's simple pleasures is that satisfying little rustle. However, it's a shame that that rustle turns into a squelch when it's raining. Despite that, as long as it's dry, you can step on as many crunchy leaves as you want - they're everywhere, after all!

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes

Bonfire Night
Gorgeous firework displays, roasting marshmallows on a bonfire, who doesn't love bonfire night?

I've only ever been trick or treating three times in my life, and attending two Halloween parties ever, but I love Halloween. I always find myself in the decorations aisle, looking at fake cobwebs and bat garlands. Little pumpkin-shaped buckets for sweets. Witches hats. Fake fangs. It's just a nice, friendly atmosphere! How can you not love Halloween?

The Weather
I love rain. The gentle noise on the window is the perfect sound to lull me to sleep, and getting drenched on the way home is just an excuse to get into your PJs at 16:30, right? You can watch raindrops race down windows, jump in puddles and struggle to pull off the 'wet dog' look to your heart's content in autumn.

It's Almost Christmas! (kind of)
Already, shops are getting in their Christmas stock, and soon I know that the Christmas decorations will be going up around town, and then I'll really start getting excited. I love Christmas, and I love the build up to it, with everyone getting prepared months in advance. Colourful lights and tacky mechanical reindeer, here we come!

Winter Clothes
Now summer dresses are nice and all, but who doesn't love a fluff-lined hoodie? Tell me that you can't hear your favourite boots calling you from the back of the closet, or the stunning scarf on the coatstand. Tell me that you haven't been eyeing that beanie in the corner for a few months, wondering if it's cold enough to get away with wearing it yet. I, for one, am looking forward to an autumnal shopping spree - nothing but jumpers, jeans and boots until spring 2015, anyone?

Cozy Nights In
There's nothing I love more than coming home, taking a hot bath, getting into my pyjamas, putting on some music and reading a book. Autumn just seems to be the perfect time of year for cozy nights in - everything's winding down and we can all just relax a bit more.

Do you love autumn too? What are some of your reasons for a bit of autumn-loving? Leave me comment!


  1. Autumn is such a good time of year! I love that you can wrap up in so many layers, and the hot chocolates, so many hot chocolates! I don't like the rain, but I love the crisp mornings and walks with the crunchy leaves!

    Halloween is one of my all time favourite times of the year. After watching years of halloween makeup and special fx videos I get way too into it!

    Great post! :)

    Love Amylou x

  2. YES HOT CHOCOLATES ALL ROUND! I love the vanilla ones from Starbuck's :3

    Haha yeah I never used to be too into it, but a few of my friends are Halloween-mad and have sucked me into it with them!

    Thank you!

    Hannah x

  3. Gingerbread lattes YES. I am so jelly. It is coming into summer here and there is nothing to look forward to but SWEAT and MORE SWEAT.

    Kirsten |

    1. Hot weather's certainly not fun for me so I can't say I'm too jealous! Seasonal Starbuck's is the best because CAFFEINE and also it tastes phenomenal and just makes me so happy haha :D
      Hannah x