Friday, 5 September 2014

'Five Favourites' Friday: My Fabrics

On the first Friday of every month I'm writing about my five favourites in a category. First up is fabrics I own.

Four fat quarters and
a chair I re-upholstered with
my mum's help!

Most of these are fat quarters that I have found in craft/fabric shops in my local(ish) area. Here are my favourite five:

I spotted this in Dunelm Mill when I was with my mum. We were planning on re-upholstering the (ugly) office chair in my room, and I thought that as my room has a green and pink colour scheme this would be perfect! Unfortunately we bought a fair bit more than necessary so I may have to make a cushion to match it!


This lovely pink floral fabric appears a lot in my room in a few cushions and on some bunting. I love the colours; the pinks are really vibrant but not in a distracting way, and I also think that the design is just lovely so this is a firm favourite!

My mum gave me a fat quarter of this bird and flower-printed fabric. It is a pink background with a few shades of brown, and I think that the design is adorable!

I got this fabric on a recent trip to my favourite craft/gift store near me: Warehouse 13. They always have loads of nice fabrics to choose from, and it's always a struggle to get me to choose some and leave! I thought that the owl/flower pattern was sweet, and will do my best to use some of this soon!

This also came from Warehouse 13, and is a simple pattern of little elephants on a beige-coloured background. I used it on my bunting in a recent tutorial.

So that's it! I have to admit that it was difficult to choose just five as I have several fabrics I adore, but this is my top five. Let me know if you have any similar or know of any great shops to satisfy my fabric needs!

Thoughts? Questions? Leave me a comment!

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