Friday, 8 August 2014

Variations of my Patchwork Cushion Cover

Yesterday I uploaded a tutorial for how I make patchwork cushion covers (which you can read here), and today I'd like to show you a few variations of that to give you some inspiration for your own projects!

This is the one from the tutorial. I used two different colours of polka-dotted fabric and two different colours of floral fabric. It's just a square from 16 patches making up the front.

This one uses six different fabrics in total - the majority of which are florals. I made this for my room, which has a pink, green and white colour scheme, to compliment some bunting I'd made a few weeks earlier. It is a small square cushion with nine patches making up the front.

This one uses three different fabrics and I made it for the living room, which has a red colour scheme. It is a slightly larger square than the previous cushion, but it is also made from nine patches at the front.

I saw a cushion in a High Street shop that had 'curiosity' written on it, and I liked the concept so tried to recreate it. This on is a rectangle made from plain and spotty fabrics in green, grey and blue, and the letters are in three different blue floral fabrics. This one took quite a while because I decided to hand-sew the letters on, but I think that the overall effect is worth it! I have yet to find a cushion pad in the right size - but one day soon I might just go in with the teddy bear stuffing! This is the first rectangular cushion cover I made, and it is 2 patches x 3 patches.

This one is not quite finished as I have to put in a zip and sew up the sides, but I thought I'd show it anyway. It is made from autumnal shades of plain fabric in four large square patches at the front. I cut out a tree shape from felt, as well as all the little hearts, and stitched them by hand onto a piece of plain white fabric, which I then fixed to the actual cushion in a contrasting thread (which is not obvious from the picture).

I hope that this has given you some inspiration - if it has, let me see some of your own projects!

Thoughts? Questions? Leave me a comment!

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