Sunday, 31 August 2014

My Back to School Essentials

So the summer holidays are almost over *starts sobbing quietly* and a few of my friends and I decided to stock up on supplies for the new school year! This is mostly stocking up on the stationary that seems to vanish halfway through the year (where does it go?!) but there are some other little things in there as well.

Diary - Ryman
This is it.
I'm going to do it.
I'm finally going to get organised, and this pretty little number is going to help me get there. It's got a page a day, which will be useful as I find that diaries displaying a week a page often don't have enough space to jot a lot of things down. It's not huge, so it will fit in various bags nicely without taking up too much space. Wish me luck on getting things organised!

Pens - W H Smith
£2.49 each
I use a fountain pen in school, and I can't help but feel guilty when people ask to borrow a pen and I admit that all I really have going spare is ink cartridges, so I stocked up on a few pens (which will be useful if I lose my pen or run out of ink cartridges as well). Most people in my school use black ink, so I got four black, but some may use blue so I got a blue one as well. W H Smiths had a 5 for 4 sale on individual pens when I went in, which is why I bought so many!

Ruler and Protractor - W H Smith
Ruler £1.99, Protractor £0.99
Somehow, I managed to lose both my ruler and protractor at around the same time last year, which made maths lessons a bit tricky when it came to trigonometry! They have now been replaced alongside some other things as part of a 4 for 3 sale at W H Smiths. I find that folding rulers are a lot easier to fit in my pencil case as flexible rulers lose their shape and normal 30cm rulers are too long.

Rubber and Pencil Sharpener - W H Smith
£1.99 each
I take Art, so I know that there is nothing more annoying than a blunt pencil when you're trying to get some detail in! As well as this, my classroom is not the most organised of places, so having your own rubber handy is always a better option than spending half a lesson wandering around looking for one. Also, this one has a handy cover so your rubber doesn't end up grim and grey by the end of the first week back!

Bath Bombs - Lush
Let's face it: school can be stressful. It's always nice to relax, and for me that means a long hot bath with loud music and some lovely bath bombs! I picked up a few of my Lush favourites - Dragon's Egg (£3.25 each) and Think Pink (£2.50 each).

Pair of Compasses *cough* compass *cough* - W H Smith
(the only reason I have not called this a 'compass' is because my maths teachers have all told us off for that countless times)
For three and a half years, I got away with using a rubbish compass that came as part of a geometry set, until eventually it broke. Sigh. I decided to replace them with something a little bit more expensive that will hopefully last me until the days that maths lessons are far behind me!

Pencil Case - W H Smith
Well I'm going to need something to hold all my lovely new stationary in, right? I love the print on this pencil case - loads of lovely flowers!

Pencils - W H Smith
When you're in the middle of GCSE Art coursework, you can never have too many pencils. This pack of ten should keep me going for a while.

Cleansing Water and Cotton Pads - Superdrug
I am a massive fan of wearing black liquid eyeliner, but unfortunately we're not allowed makeup on in school. Usually, I would use face wipes to remove it before I go to bed, but they don't remove 100% of it without a tonne of painful scrubbing! I also have sensitive skin, which means that quite a few - more effective - products are off the table. More than once, I've been asked if I'm wearing eyeliner when I'm not - it just hasn't all come off.
However, I have heard wonders about the Garnier Cleansing Water (£3.32), and decided to give it a go. I tried out a little bit today and it's like miracle elixir in a bottle. All of my eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara has been removed without any irritation to my skin at all. I'm certain that this will quickly replace my face wipes as my #1 choice for makeup removal!
I also picked up some cotton pads (£1.69 a pack) while I was there to use with the cleansing water.

Have you gone out to buy anything specifically for returning to school? What are your back to school essentials this year? Leave me a comment!

My friend did a back to school haul on her YouTube channel:

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