Saturday, 23 August 2014

How to: Bunting

Colourful bunting has a way of brightening up any room. You can find fabrics to fit your colour scheme, or make the colours and patterns completely random (this looks great in the garden or hanging from a caravan or tent). Here is a simple way of making some yourself. Remember that the measurements can be whatever you'd like - you can make the triangles whatever size you want and add more triangles or take some away to change the length of the bunting you're making.

You will need:
~ Fabric (a few fat quarters should do, depending on the size of the flags and how many different colours/patterns you want)
~ Scissors and fabric scissors
~ Bias binding
~ An A4 sheet of paper
~ A ruler
~ A pen/pencil
~ Pins
~ A sewing machine (you can also sew this project by hand but it's a lot quicker to use a sewing machine if you can)
~ An iron

1) Fold your paper in half, open it out and fold the two sides in to the crease in the middle and then open these out as well. With a ruler, measure 15cm from a side crease to the centre crease. Cut out this triangle - this will be the pattern for the flags.
Fold in half
Fold in half again from
each side

Measure 15cm
from each of the
side creases to
the middle one

2) Pin the pattern to the first piece of fabric you will be cutting out and then cut out your first flag. To save time, you can fold the fabric in a concertina as many times as you need to and cut out multiple flags at once.
Pin the pattern
to the fabric
The first flag!

You can concertina
the fabric to cut
out multiple flags

3) Once you have cut out all the flags you need, iron them flat to make them easier to attach to the bias binding.
Piles of flags!
Iron them flat

4) Lay out the flags and pin them to the bias binding with the right sides together. The right side for the fabric is the one with the brighter colours and patterns and the right side for the bias binding is the opposite side to the one with the folded edges. You should open up the top crease before you pin, and leave a bit of a gap between the end of the bias and your first flag so that you can hang it.
The crease at the top
is open

5) Sew along the top crease on the bias, and when all of the flags have been sewn to the bias binding, remove the pins and open it up before ironing the bias flat (unfold the other crease now as well).
Sew along the crease of
the bias binding

Before ironing
After ironing
-open other fold in bias
-sharpen crease along flag

6) Fold the bias in half over the flag so that the crease you have yet to sew is on the back of the flag. There should be a sort of sandwich: bias-flag-bias. Pin to the flag and then sew along, catching the two layers of binding and the flag in your stitching.
Sew all of the fabric
Try to get the stitches
close to the edge of the bias

7) Once you have sewn all along the bunting, remove all pins. You can iron this flat now if you would like to, and you can turn make loops from the end of the bias to hang it as well.
My finished bunting!
You can make the flags whatever size you want, and you do have a go at this then let me know how it went!

Thoughts? Questions? Leave me a comment!

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