Wednesday, 30 July 2014

My (completed) Decopatch Projects

These are the Decopatch projects I've completed so far, to give you a feel for the variety of things you can do and the effects you can have.

My name
You know those letters that you can get that spell out your name for you to have on your bedroom door or something? Whenever I saw some, I always used to beg my parents for them but I was never allowed ("They don't even have all the right letters, Hannah." ... "How would we even get them to stay on your door?" ... "Why do you want them anyway?") and because I can hold a grudge and I really wanted some, I decided to jazz up a few wooden stencils I found so my wish could come true!

Two birds
I saw these two sweet little birds online and decided to make them all fancy. The yellow/orange one has a pink belly (but you can't see that too clearly in the pictures) - you can mix and match colours if you like!

This one was my first ever Decopatch project, and the one that got me hooked! It came as part of a kit containing a brush, a pot of glue, papers, instructions and of course the paper maché model.

I was looking for another project from The Decopatch place website and I thought this looked pretty cool.

My GCSE art sketchbook
At the beginning of the year, my art sketchbook was plain white and dull, and I decided to splatter it with paint. This looked pretty cool for a while, but I was walking home one night and it started to rain. Like a lot. Needless to say, the paint bled horribly and I felt like I needed to cover it. Decopatch to the rescue!

Two hearts
I was scrolling through The Decopatch Place website and I stumbled across these. I thought they were pretty cute. This was also my first time using their glittery Decopatch glue.

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