Wednesday, 30 July 2014

An Introduction to Decopatch

Two Christmases ago, my mum and I were sat in my aunt's living room as she showed us her latest addition to the room: some gorgeous model elephants. They were fairly small and lightweight, and covered in animal-print papers. I loved the style - the exotic feel to the colours and patterns translated well in the room - so I asked where she'd got them, only to discover that she'd made them. Of course, I wanted to know all about it, and she gave me a quick beginner's guide to something that has become one of my favourite crafts: Decopatch. She showed me her favourite papers, her brushes, the special 'Decopatch glue'* she'd bought online and some upcoming objects she was planning to revamp.

I'd already fallen in love, and I hadn't even done a single Decopatch project yet.

So it was almost funny when, the next day (which just so happened to be Christmas Day), my present from my aunt included a Decopatch kit (which you can purchase here), containing a brush, glue, some papers and a paper maché lizard.

Well, when I got home, I got stuck in, completing my little lizard in about two days. It's still on my bedroom wall.

My first ever Decopatch project!
Since then, I've done other paper maché projects (purchased online here), as well as the front of my GCSE art sketchbook, some letters spelling my name for my bedroom door, and some other little odd trinkets that I thought could use a new lease of life. I've collected a lot of papers, and can well and truly say that I adore Decopatch. Inspired be decopage, it involves sealing small pieces of paper between two layers of glue, and when it's finished it looks amazing.

I'll post some more information about Decopatch and my projects and necessities soon.

To find out more or to get started, visit The Decopatch Place!

Thoughts? Questions? Leave me a comment!

*I put this in quotation marks because I am fairly certain it's just PVA glue!

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